Alvis Page celebrates 50 years of service

When Alvis Page officially retired in 1991 after 30 years of service to UNC Department of Anesthesiology, his thoughts about the situation were succinct, “Not yet,” he said, “I’m not a sitting down person.”

Mr. Page began working in the bake shop of NC Memorial Hospital when he was in his late teens. He transitioned to nursing equipment for several years before becoming a certified anesthesia technician in 1975. Mr. Page remains a certified tech today, keeping up by attending Grand Rounds and traveling to conferences regularly.

After retirement, Mr. Page ran an ICU simulation lab for anesthesia techs, medical students and residents with Dr. Phil Boysen and became a trainer for the anesthesia techs. He now spends half-days with the department as their courier, mail clerk, and general go-to person.

“He just loves to help people,” said Donna Terrell, finance manager and administrative support manager. Terrell and Marietta Wagner, administrative assistant in the department, organized a celebration breakfast for Page on Feb. 14.

At the breakfast Mr. Page received a money tree as a gift from the department to express their appreciation for Page over the years, to give a little back to Mr. Page. “He gives any he can,” said Wagner. “I think that’s why we love him so much.”

Mr. Page summed it up, saying, “It’s been good. I’ve enjoyed it all.” To echo the words of many in attendance at the party, “Here’s to the next 50, Alvis!”

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