Art of Science Competition sponsored in conjunction with Carolina Biosciences Alumni Reunion and Symposium

Carolina Biosciences Alumni Reunion and Symposium is sponsoring an Art of Science Competition open to all UNC students, staff and faculty. Winners will get to have their art on display at the Ackland Art Museum.

The novelist Vladimir Nabokov is famously quoted as saying “there is no science without fancy and no art without fact.”  There is no doubt that both science and art are creative processes.  And nature is certainly beautiful.  From the golden ratio seen in the head of a daisy to the intricate pattern formed by tracings of neuronal connections, scientists have a unique view of the world.

We would like to celebrate the intersection of art and science by asking the UNC community:  What do you see when you look through the microscope?  Who is the face of the disease you study?  Do the cells you work on move in synchronicity?  How does your tiny organism look when viewed larger than life?

We challenge you to look at your research through a creative eye and capture the art of your science.  We are hosting this competition as part of the 2013 Carolina Biosciences Alumni Reunion and winners will have their artwork displayed at the Ackland Art Museum for a reception open to the public. The competition is open to all UNC  students, staff and faculty.  Deadline for entries is March 22, 2013.

For information about the competition rules and the entry form please visit  Questions and comments should be sent to Anna O’Connell at