Security Tip: Delete Outdated Sensitive Data From Your Hard Drive

Do you still have old travel claims or performance reviews that contain Social Security Numbers (SSNs) stored on your hard drive? If so, you need to be sure to encrypt, delete, or remove the SSNs from those documents. Read on for details.

Social Security Numbers are deemed sensitive by the North Carolina Identity Theft Protection Act and School of Medicine policy does not allow SSNs to be stored on local machines.  If a machine that contains SSNs is lost or compromised, we are required by law to notify individuals that their information may have been exposed.   If you have SSNs on your hard drive, you should do one or more of the following as soon as possible:

-          Encrypt the documents with an approved encryption solution

-          Delete the documents  (preferred)

-          Manually remove the SSNs from the documents and resave them

If you have any questions, please contact the OIS Information Security Office at

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