“There truly is a Carolina spirit”

In a video message, Carolina’s new chancellor, Carol Folt, says that the meetings she’s had with members of the campus community affirm what she already knew: “There truly is a Carolina spirit.”

“It shows in the timeless principles of excellence, inclusivity and integrity on this campus,” Folt says. “That spirit will keep us steady and strong.”
Folt, who became chancellor on July 1, spoke about the energy that is found in times of transition and uncertainty when “creative disruption” is needed.
“We need to look for creative ways to turn challenges into opportunities – to re-imagine, to take advantage of change,” Folt says. Folt encourages students, faculty and staff to send her email messages about two things that they love most about Carolina and two things that they want to be stronger. “I promise I will read them all!” Folt says.
Send messages to WelcomeCarol@unc.edu.

Chancellor Carol Folt talks about her crash course in Carolina and what she's hearing from people in her first days on campus:http://gazette.unc.edu/2013/07/09/folt-embarks-on-crash-course-in-carolina/