New PET/MR service for clinical patients at UNC Hospitals

This new technology is only available in a handful of academic medical centers in the country, and UNC will be one of the first to take advantage of it in a true clinical setting. PET/MR offers an extremely unique way to visualize tumors and may be the closest answer to assessing tumor heterogeneity currently available.

Some benefits of this new technology include:

  • True simultaneous imaging virtually eliminates issues with spatial alignment that exist with current fusion processing performed on data from two separate scans.
  • Motion artifacts are eliminated in the PET scan.
  • Replacing the CT attenuation correction scan with MR leads to a reduced overall radiation dose to the patient. This can be very important in patients receiving repeated scans to monitor therapy, in pediatric patients, and in pregnant patients.
  • Whole body and skull-to-thigh imaging is virtually identical to what you are used to seeing from PET/CT, but the addition of the MR allows for unique visualization of disease processes.

The service is available for outpatients Monday, Wednesday and Friday and can be scheduled through the Radiology scheduling service (919) 843-6509. Please specify that you want the PET / MR study. The patient preparation is the same as for PET/CT. NPO for at least 4 hours and no strenuous activity for 24 hours prior to the scan.