November phone transition to include AT&T service order freeze for some buildings

As part of the preparation for the University's November transition of phones to Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, Information Technology Services–Communication Technologies will be implementing a service order freeze on AT&T services for only the buildings included in the November transition. The freeze will begin on Monday, June 10, 2013, and last through Monday, November 11, 2013.

Information Technology Services – Communication Technologies is implementing an AT&T service order freeze for all moves, adds, and changes (MAC's) of AT&T phone service for the UNC locations listed below. This service order freeze is necessary to support the UNC-Chapel Hill transition from AT&T Centrex to Verizon Business Hosted IP Centrex (Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP) telephony services. The service order freeze will begin on Monday, June 10, 2013 and will remain in place through Monday, November 11, 2013. New phone requests during this timeframe will be accepted (and will be completed with a new VoIP phone).  Other requests for changes that require coordination with AT&T will not be accepted, as they will jeopardize the effort to migrate approximately 5,000 phones away from the AT&T database and over to the Verizon Business database. 

Please note that this freeze does not impact all of campus, but only those buildings listed below.

Note that the following 5 buildings listed have already been converted to VoIP. They are included now only to include a small group of numbers that did not change with the orignial building conversion.

BANK OF AMERICA--137 E Franklin St
MCGAVRN-GRNBERG--401 Pittsboro St.
ROSENAU--421 Pittsboro St.
MANNING--216 Lenoir Dr.

We appreciate the patience and support of all of our campus and UNC Health Care customers during this time. We understand that this restriction presents challenges to some of our customers, and we apologize for the inconvenience. As previously stated, we can continue to honor requests for new phone lines with Verizon Business VoIP. Repair and voicemail requests will continue to be supported along with most requests to move phones within campus buildings. 

Please contact 962-HELP and select option 1 for Telecommunications to consult with an analyst for questions and planning. 

Additional information on the transition of phones to VoIP can be found at the following website:

Campus Buildings List (Service Order Freeze of AT&T services – moves/adds/changes - will apply):

UNC Building ID, UNC Building Name, Address

463, EDS (Elect Dist Svc Ops Ctr), 112 Airport Dr.
651, Facilities (Horney) Construction Shop, 975 Facilities Dr.
166, General Store Room, 111 Airport Dr.
477, Horney Annex, 101 Airport Dr.
458, Surplus Property Warehouse, 1065 Facilities Dr.
462, Art Studio Bldg, 108 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
168, Horney Bldg, 103 Airport Dr.
437, Airport Office, 1003 Estes Dr. Ext.
488, EHS Hazardous Materal Facility, 1085 Facilities Dr.
665, Cogen Facility Storage 
526, Energy Services Bldg, 925 Branch St.
247, MBRB, 111 Mason Farm Rd.
246, Health Affairs Bookstore, 145 N. Medical Dr.
217, Taylor Hall, 109 Mason Farm Rd.
236, Glaxo Mol Lab, 101 Mason Farm Rd.
219, Berryhill Hall, 150 N. Medical Dr.
552, Med Sch Bldg Trailer 52, 105 Mason Farm Rd.
221, Med Sch Wing C, 334 Emergency Room Dr.
226, Clinic Wing Bl, 101 Manning Dr.
331, Radiology Res, 124 Mason Farm Rd.
237, LinebergerCRC, 450 West Dr.
231, Mary Ellen Jones (FLOB), 116 Manning Dr.
327, Med Research Bldg B, 150-A Mason Farm Rd.
242, ThurstonBowles, 104 Manning Dr.
520, Trailer 46, 146 Daniels Rd.
523, Trailer 49, 150 Daniels Rd.
207, Med Sch Wing B, 332 Emergency Room Dr.
208, Med Sch Wing D, 336 Emergency Room Dr.
245, Neuro Science Research, 115 Mason Farm Rd.
206, Bondurant Hall, 321 S. Columbia St.
202, MacNider Hall, 333 S. Columbia St.
521, Trailer 47, 148 Daniels Rd.
222, Med Sch Wing EF, 338 Emergency Room Dr.
229, Burnett-Womack, 160 Dental Cir.
248, Bioinformatics, 130 Mason Farm Rd.
223, Health Science Library, 335 S. Columbia St.
063, House Library, 203 South Rd.
080, Davis Library, 208 Raleigh St.
024, Wilson Library, 201 South Rd.
387, Dubose Home, 140 Dubose Home Ln.
388, Meadowmont Loudermilk Hall, 130 Dubose Home Ln.
389, McLean Hall, 150 Dubose Home Ln.
498, Kenan Center of NC, 360 Kenan Center Dr.
096, McColl Business Sch, 300 Kenan Center Dr.
590A, Hwy 54 East, 1000 Environ Way
499, Gen Admin Bldg, 910 Raleigh Rd.
373, School Leadership Training Center, 140 Friday Center Dr.
322, BANK OF AMERICA, 137 E Franklin St
238, MCGAVRN-GRNBERG, 401 Pittsboro St.
201, ROSENAU, 421 Pittsboro St.
649, ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH & SAFETY, 1120 Estes Dr. Ext.
026, MANNING, 216 Lenoir Dr.

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