Oberlander perspective in New York Times and NEJM

Dr. Jonathan Oberlander, a professor of Social Medicine and Health Policy & Management at UNC, wrote an op-ed in the New York Times entitled, “Obamacare Faces Hurdles That Medicare Did Not.” Oberlander also co-authored a piece in the New England Journal of Medicine entitlted, "Failure to Launch? The Independent Payment Advisory Board's Uncertain Prospects."

Oberlander perspective in New York Times and NEJM click to enlarge Dr. Jonathan Oberlander

Read the Times piece here and the NEJM piece here.

In the Times, Dr. Oberlander discusses the complexities of implenting health care reform during politically polarized times. In the NEJM, Dr. Oberlander and co-author Marisa Morrison reflect on the IPAB, the 15-member, nonelected board established as part of the Affordable Care Act to recommend changes to Medicare.

Dr. Oberlander is one of the nation's leading experts on health care politics and policy.

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