Coming soon to a screen near you … School of Medicine web redesign

The School of Medicine Office of Information Systems (OIS), the communications staff, and dozens of web managers have been working for months to prep their sites for the new look and feel of the School of Medicine website. Individual websites that are part of the larger domain will begin to change in the next few weeks.

Preview the new design online here.

Beyond the design overhaul, there are few major changes to expect when these sites turn over to the new look:

  1. Horizontal Navigation – most web managers have reorganized the content in their sites into four or five major categories. Mouse over any major category across the top, and you will see drop down menus for that particular section. Common navigation categories include About, Education, Research, Patient Care, and People, among others.
  2. Responsive Design – every single page of the newly designed website is optimized for your iPhone, iPad or other tablet, laptop, or widescreen monitor. When you view the site, you will see that elements on the page will resize and/or rearrange to best fit on the current screen from which the site is being viewed. This is major improvement over our current design.
  3. Ribbon and Footer – the top and bottom of each page will have consistent School of Medicine branding and links. Some of the quick links you have used in the past will be located under “Popular Links” at the top right, near the site search. At the bottom of each page your will find many SOM resources, social media and basic information located in the dark gray footer.

We will continue to provide more information about which sites have switched over and which sites are scheduled to switch over so that you are informed about the progress. The School of Medicine home page and administrative pages will be the last to roll out, most likely in late April.

Thanks for your patience as we migrate to our new-and-improved design! Of course, we welcome any and all feedback about the new design.