Medical Brigade to Ghana Winter 2013

UNC students are looking for medical students and doctors who are interested in traveling to Ghana this winter for a 10-day medical brigade. The brigade is run through the nonprofit organization Global Brigades.

Medical Brigade to Ghana Winter 2013 click to enlarge Many of the clinics are set up in schools or churches.

While in Ghana we will set up and run a clinic for 4 of the 10 days--we can expect to see 150-250 patients per day. The clinic will be completely run by undergraduate students, medical students, and doctors. There are several different stations at the clinic: intake, triage, dental, consult, charla (public health classes for patients), gynecology, pharmacy, and data informatics. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in all stations.

The other days of the trip will be dedicated to public health awareness, door-to-door visits, and a travel day to the coast. Volunteers will leave for Ghana on December 26 and return on January 6. However, these dates are somewhat flexible; if a volunteer needs to leave early, for example, it can be arranged.

The trip is arranged through Global Brigades, which will take care of flights, insurance, transportation, accomodation, and food. The estimated total price is $2600, which includes an estimated $1700 plane ticket and $880 for in-country expenses. We will be staying on a compound in Ghana, and all necessary safety precautions will be taken.

To reserve a spot in the brigade, a down payment of $250 is needed by mid to late June. The remaining balance will be divided into two payments, the first of which is due two months before the trip and the second in the last two weeks before the trip. If you are interested in learning more or in signing up for the trip, please email: Also check out the Global Brigade website: