Transition to new phones begins Monday, June 3, in School of Medicine

The migration to the new voice over IP phone system will begin next week for the AHEC building, Bondurant, and Taylor Hall. Most of the School of Medicine buildings will prepare for the transition over the summer.

Over the next few months, teams will be doing surveys and installing new phones next to existing phones throughout the school. In mid-November, service will be switched from the old phones to the new phones, at which time the old phones will be removed. Throughout the process, we expect to have frequent updates as to which buildings teams will be working in. We will also be providing online documentation and training on the new phones. 

Starting at 8 a.m. on Monday, June 3, teams from ITS CommTech Engineering will kick off survey activities in the following buildings in sequential order (phones will be installed later in the process): 

1. AHEC Building (old Health Affairs Bookstore)
2. Bondurant
3. Taylor Hall

Team members will be issued School of Medicine ID badges and should prominently display them. They will walk through office spaces and identify current phone locations and available wall plates. They will not yet install new phones. They expect to finish the last building in this survey phase (Taylor Hall) by  3 p.m. on Friday, June 14. The schedule for the next round of buildings will be announced near the end of this cycle. (Note: off-campus SOM facilities will be done sometime after the November switchover date.) 

For additional information, please see or contact Dennis Schmidt (

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