Stay plugged in to make the VoIP transition on Dec. 9

If a new VoIP phone has been installed at your desk, make sure that it remains plugged in to the data port that is configured to support VoIP, even if it has not been activated. VoIP phones that have been installed in School of Medicine buildings will become active on Monday, Dec. 9.

Most customers today have two phones sitting on their desks as part of the preparation for VoIP transition.  On December 9th, phone numbers will “port” from AT&T to Verizon Business and, once the port is completed, the new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones will become the new, primary phone.  (Old phones should be returned to recycle bins that will be located on-site the week of December 9th.)  Please be sure to follow the new dialing plan for the VoIP phones which does not require a “7” prefix when dialing out.  This applies to local, long distance, and international calls.  In addition, be sure to change the programming in fax machines for speed dials that are programmed with a “7” prefix, or, that are programmed for 5-digit dialing.  You will be able to 5-digit-dial between VoIP phones, however, you will not be able to 5-digit-dial from a VoIP phone to an older model phone on the AT&T phone system. 

UNC Information Technology Services Communication Technologies (Comm Tech) staff are working remotely to make sure the phones are registered and ready for service on December 9th, however, it is important that you notify all faculty and staff in your areas that phones must be plugged-in to the network, and they must be plugged-in to a data port that is configured to support VoIP. UNC Comm Tech technicians left every phone plugged-in and ready for programming.  We are identifying many phone lines that we cannot remotely access for registration, which typically means that some phones are either unplugged or moved. The new VoIP phones will not work on December 9th if they are not plugged-in to the network appropriately.

For more information about this transition, including buildings affected, what to expect on "port day", new dialing instructions, and more visit

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