Biomedical Engineering for Undergrads

Carolina undergraduates are inventing devices to tackle real-world problems through biomedical engineering. The opportunity to study in one of the fastest-growing job fields evolved through a partnership between UNC's College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine.

“Biomedical engineering is an exciting new discipline that applies the rigorous methods of physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering to solve important and urgent biological and biomedical problems,” said Nancy Allbritton, UNC Debreczeny Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, who chairs the joint biomedical engineering department.

In their senior year, UNC biomedical engineering students must take a design course to apply what they have learned. They tour clinics at UNC Hospitals to get ideas for medical problems that could be solved by new technology. In addition, students meet with individuals in the community who have disabilities to get ideas for custom technology that helps them become more independent.

For example, in 2013, students developed an Android tablet app that, when attached to a child’s walker, provided a musical feedback loop for a preschooler with a disability who had been reluctant to practice walking. Students wrote and copyrighted the software and are in the process of making the system available to people in similar situations.

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