Firewall Project for the School of Medicine

Universities including UNC are under constant threat from cyber attackers trying to access personal information and intellectual property. The Office of Information Services (OIS) has completed an assessment of all the devices on the School of Medicine network.

 We are now beginning to implement a hardware firewall that will help protect the School of Medicine network from unwanted internet traffic from both external and internal sources.  The goal of the School is to implement the firewall as quickly as possible.  All devices that are connected to the network will need to be updated or configured in order to continue to have access to the network when the firewall is implemented. 

OIS has contacted departmental IT staff to review the project and devices within their departments and we are now in the pilot phase of this project.  If you are running any kind of server (e.g. in a Lab) and have not spoken to OIS, please contact the OIS Firewall Team as soon as possible for assistance on how to prepare of this project.

 To read more about university cyberattacks, click here to read an article from The New York Times.

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