Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Transition Scheduled for Nov. 11

VoIP phones that have been installed in School of Medicine buildings will become active on Monday, Nov. 11. There is the potential for a short service outage as early as the night prior to and the entire day of the transition. Note: users remaining on the old phone system will no longer be able to use 5 digit dialing to reach VoIP phones. If you receive a "phone disconnected" message after attempting to use 5 digit dialing, hang up and dial 7 + the full 10 digit number (including area code).

Plan for the possibility of down time on Nov. 11, 2013 - in particular in areas where there is no available data port (D-port) for the new VoIP phone.  The current telephone port (T-port) will be re-purposed to support the VoIP phones, however, this will require small wiring updates that cannot take place until Nov. 13.  There is a potential for a short service outage until these updates are completed by ITS Communications Technicians on Nov. 11.  Phone service could be impacted as early as Sunday evening, Nov. 10 and the entire day of porting, Monday, Nov. 11.

For more information about this transition, including buildings affected, what to expect on "port day", new dialing instructions, and more visit http://help.med.unc.edu/voip.

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