ITS To Begin Tracking Down Rogue Wireless Access Points

ITS Networking is detecting a significant number of rogue wireless access points and devices that act like wireless access points across the campus network, including the School of Medicine network.

These devices are very disruptive to the campus network. They cause interference issues with the campus wireless network, create security holes on the network, and waste significant personnel resources tracking them down and removing them. It does not matter if they are "connected" to the campus network or not, as the radio signals still propagate.

Please review the long-standing campus wireless policy statement at In summary, this says:

  • Only ITS provided and managed access points are permitted on the campus network.
  • If ITS finds any devices that aren't ITS-managed, they will try to contact the likely owner.  If they get no response, they will locate and remove them.
  • Requests for wireless coverage need to be submitted through a Remedy ticket or a call to the ITS Help Desk at 919-962-HELP.
  • Access points for departmental administrative/faculty/staff coverage, at this time, need to be paid for by the relevant department