Voice Over IP phone transition update: September 19

Phone installations are underway in Glaxo and Radiology Research buildings and should be completed by Friday, September 27. The Medical School Wings, Berryhill, Mary Ellen Jones, Medical Research B, and Trailers 46, 47, 49 and 52 are next on the list.

Over the next few months, ITS teams will be doing surveys and installing new phones next to existing phones throughout the school. In mid-November, service will be switched from the old phones to the new phones, at which time the old phones will be removed. Throughout the process, we will continue to provide frequent updates on the status of phone surveys and installations in SOM buildings. We will also be providing online documentation and training on the new phones.

Phone Installation Schedule

ITS CommTech Transport Operations will begin phone installations in the following buildings (and in the sequence shown) in the date range listed below. Team members will be issued School of Medicine ID badges and should prominently display them. The newly installed phones will be installed side-by-side with the existing phones--they will not, however, be operational until service is switched in mid-November. It is extremely important for the new phones to remain connected to the correct, original data port. The phones must be connected to ensure a successful transition so please do not move the new phones once they are installed next to your existing phone.

Installation Dates: September 18-27

  1. Glaxo Mol Lab
  2. Radiology Research

Installation Dates: September 23 - October 11

  1. Wings B, C, D, E and F
  2. Berryhill
  3. Mary Ellen Jones
  4. Trailers 46, 47, 49
  5. Medical Research B

Building Survey Schedule

Building surveys have been completed in all SOM buildings. For a list of completed buildings, please see http://help.med.unc.edu/voip. Note: off-campus SOM facilities will be done sometime after the November switchover date.

ITS CommTech Engineering will first survey buildings prior to installation. Team members will walk through office spaces and identify current phone locations and available wall plates. Phones will not be installed at this time. They will be issued School of Medicine ID badges and should prominently display them.

For additional information, including a list of completed buildings and installation statuses, please see http://help.med.unc.edu/voip or contact Dennis Schmidt (Dennis_Schmidt@med.unc.edu).

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