Gwyther receives Frederick B. Glaser award for addiction medicine

The 2014 Dr. Frederick B. Glaser Award was presented to Dr. Bob Gwyther, a pioneer and leader in the field of addiction medicine.

Dr. Gwyther has made significant contributions through education, clinical work (his own as well as that of his residents and medical students) and his work in the community serving on a number of boards and committees that support substance abuse services as well as primary care. Dr. Gwyther is a Professor of Family Medicine at UNC. He has provided primary care and counsel to thousands of patients. In addition, he has taught thousands of young doctors how to care for patients and their families with substance abuse related disorders.

Each year an individual is awarded the Frederick B Glaser Award, an award honoring Dr. Glaser, one of the pioneers of addiction medicine in N.C. and in the country. Dr. Glaser had a distinguished career in the field of substance abuse, including the study of opiates and alcohol. He held a variety of positions in the United States and Canada before becoming Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division on Substance Abuse at the East Carolina University School of Medicine in 1994. He is now retired and living in Greenville, North Carolina. To read more about the award and it’s criteria, click here.

Bob’s educational impact cannot be overstated. Substance abuse is a major issue for primary care physicians. Bob has taught and mentored numerous medical students and residents over a 30 year career and has also had an estimated 200 advisees. As a result of all of this work teaching and mentoring students and doctors in training, it is difficult to gauge the full extent of his clinical impact on the lives of individuals and families suffering from Substance Abuse related disorders. As pointed out in the letter of nomination:  "Dr. Gwyther...has directly impacted the lives of many through his openness and willingness to treat individuals suffering from Substance Abuse disorders within his own primary care practice. However, his own direct care has been magnified many times over by the influence he has had on doctors in training and over the course of his 30 year teaching career. If only 5% of his former students and advisees demonstrate a small degree of his personal commitment over their own 30 year careers, his future impact on those suffering from this disease will be immeasurable.”

Dr. Gwyther is deserving of the recognition embodied in this award. His years of work related to Substance Abuse education and advocacy epitomize the values that this award represents.