Key elected International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis Council Chair

Nigel S. Key, MD, MB, ChB, FRCP, Harold R. Roberts Professor, is the director of the UNC Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center.

This year, Dr. Nigel Key was elected as the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) Council Chair during the ISTH Council meeting at SSC 2014 in Milwaukee. He looks forward to taking an important role in the continued growth of the Society following Michael Berndt’s successful chairmanship from 2012-2014. In Dr. Key’s announcement letter he stated, “We are fortunate to work in an exciting area that is seeing scientific advances and new treatment options.” He goes on to continue, “Together, we will achieve our milestones, embark on important discussions and conversations and continue to build a collaborative community of thrombosis and hemostasis professionals globally.”

In late 2005, Dr. Key first came to UNC as the Harold R. Roberts Distinguished Professor and Director of the Hemophilia and Thrombosis center. Today he continues those positions as well as the section chief of hematology in the division of hematology and oncology, and co-director of the thrombosis/hemostasis program in the McAllister Heart Institute.

Prior to serving on the Council, Dr. Key co-chaired Scientific Sub-Committees on DIC and Vascular Biology, and was on the scientific organizing committee for the ISTH Congress in Boston in 2009. Dr. Key was first elected to the ISTH Council for a 6- year term in 2008. Over the past two years he’s served as the Chair Elect of the Council & Secretary of the ISTH and also as chair of the Publications Committee.

The ISTH has undergone a major re-branding work in the last three to four years, and has added new programs and initiatives which include, online educational activities, development of an official core curriculum in hemostasis and thrombosis, and educational seminars and workshops from all over the world. In addition, the ISTH will be launching a ‘World Thrombosis Day’ this year in October for the first time. The organization has also initiated a ‘Young Professionals Working Group’ and boosted membership to over 3,000 participants.

As the Chair for the next two years, Dr. Key’s focus will be to invest in the mission of the Society’s critical programs, in order to continue to attract the world’s best coagulation scientists and clinicians, as well as promote their specialty to trainees and practitioners around the globe.

He looks forward to working alongside the Council to further strengthen the Society’s educational outreach programs, to build capacity via online learning and make progress toward providing new educational offerings aligned with the Society’s new core curriculum – both for early career and senior professionals.


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