ASPIRE Research: Autism and Irritability Study

ASPIRE is conducting a research study for 6 to 17 year olds who experience irritability related to autism. The study is looking at an investigational medication called lurasidone to find out whether it is safe and effective in managing irritability in children and teenagers with autism.

Lurasidone is a type of medicine that has already been approved in adults with schizophrenia and depressive episodes associated with bipolar I disorder (bipolar depression). The goal of this study is to learn more about managing autism-related irritability and potentially to increase future treatment options for children with autism.

All study-related health assessments and study medication will be provided at no cost.

A child may be eligible to participate if they:

  • are 6–17 years of age 
  • diagnosed with autism (autistic disorder)
  • have irritability symptoms of autism such as aggression, tantrums, or rapidly     changing moods
  • would be willing and able to swallow two tablets per day during the treatment phase of the study (6 weeks)

Contact ASPIRE at 1-800-708-0048 or