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Take a look at the recently featured newsroom stories:

MED: Unforgettable Journey, Remarkable Opportunity

"Larry Keith, champion for minority medical students at UNC, always said, ‘If you can dream it, you can achieve it,’ and that’s something I believe in." Read about how the Medical Education Development program has impacted the lives of current and former medical students at UNC since 1974.

UNC med student leads others to 'walk in faith':

Remember Milele Bynum's story? She is a third-year medical student at UNC SOM who started a faith-based nutrition education and walking program called, "Walking in Faith". In this video she talks with WRAL TV, take a look!

International team sheds new light on biology underlying schizophrenia

"We have never before had such a profound and important look into the inner workings of schizophrenia." Dr. Patrick Sullivan is distinguished professor of genetics and psychiatry at UNC and a co-author of a study that identifies over 100 locations in the human genome associated with the risk of developing schizophrenia. Researchers from UNC SOM and many other institutions from all over the world collaborated together to make this discovery. 

real doctors, real people- Jackie Patterson

Dr. Jackie Patterson was a second year resident in Pediatrics when this was filmed. She shares her life-long passion and dedication to dance that's made her well versed in the art of reading someone’s body and has given her a special connection with her patients

The Signal and the Noise

Henrik Dohlman, PhD, is a professor of biochemistry and biophysics at the UNC SOM. With his research he discovered why seemingly identical cells might react differently to the chemical signals inside our bodies and the drugs we use to battle diseases. 

UNC researchers find that the protein GSK-3 is essential for neuronal migration and could be a key player in neurodevelopmental disorders. Meghan Morgan-Smith, PhD, a recent UNC graduate, and Dr. William Snider, director of the UNC Neuroscience Center, co-authored the findings in the journal eLife.