Dean's Advisory Committee - Meeting Minutes

Read the minutes from the March 2014 meeting.

Click here to access March 2014 meeting minutes. Dean's Advisory Committee meetings are now being held on a quarterly, rather than monthly, basis. Meetings were not held in April or May 2014.

Click on the following links to access previous DAC minutes. 


February 2014 [.pdf]

January 2014 [.pdf]


December 2013 [.pdf]

November 2013 [.pdf] 

October 2013 [.pdf]

September 2013 [.pdf]

August 2013 [.pdf]

June 2013 [.pdf]

May 2013 [.pdf]

April 2013 [.pdf]

March 2013 [.pdf]

February 2013 [.pdf]

January 2013 [.pdf]


December 2012 [.pdf]

November 2012 [.pdf]

September 2012 [.pdf]

July 2012 [.pdf]

June 2012 [.pdf]

May 2012 [.pdf]

April 2012 [.pdf]

February 2012 [.pdf]

January 2012 [.pdf]

Please note, there was no DAC meeting in March, due to the LCME visit, or in October 2012.


December 2011 [.pdf]

November 2011 [.pdf]

October 2011 [.pdf]

September 2011 [.pdf]

August 2011 [.pdf]

May 2011 [.pdf]

April 2011 [.pdf]

Please note, the Dean's Advisory Committee (DAC) usually meets monthly, however, the DAC did not meet in June or July 2011. Meeting minutes are shared with the SOM community after approval from the DAC.

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