Chair liaisons selected for UNC Health Care System

Department chairs have been selected by Dr. Roper to serve as liaisons to represent the clinical faculty practice for the UNC Health Care System. Read on for details.

Chair Liaison for Affiliates:  Matthew Mauro, MD, Radiology
Dr. Mauro will work closely with David Strong and Dr. Allen Daugird to identify and facilitate opportunities for interested departments to work with some or all of our affiliate hospitals and physician groups. 

Board Member for UNC Physicians Network:  Daniel Clarke-Pearson, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Clarke-Pearson will facilitate better communications between the departments and UNCPN, and will serve as a director on the UNCPN Board.

Physician Practice Roundtable:  Lawrence Marks, MD, Radiation Oncology
The system has created a number of roundtables to better communicate and organize our work with our affiliate hospitals.  Recently added is the Physician Practice Roundtable (chaired by Dr. Allen Daugird) to facilitate communications and decision making across the HCS employed physician entities. Dr. Marks will help with this endeavor.

Working Group to Facilitate Referrals:  Wesley Burks, MD, Pediatrics
Facilitating referrals within the system has been a long-standing concern. Dr. Burks will lead this effort, with Dr. Allen Daugird and Leslie Burnside, System Director for Network Development and Physician Relations, to define and identify the extent of the problem, as well recommend and/or implement appropriate steps to address. 

Chair Liaison to UNC Hospitals Executive Staff:  Michael Lee, MD, MHA, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Lee attends Gary Park’s weekly Executive Staff meeting with UNC Hospitals’ leadership as a liaison between the chairs and UNC Hospitals’ executive team.

Chair Liaison to Epic Steering Committee:  Matt Ewend, MD, Neurosurgery
Dr. Ewend will continue in his role as the chair and faculty representative to the Epic Steering Committee and implementation team.

Hillsborough Campus:  David Zvara, MD, Anesthesiology
Dr. Zvara will continue in his role of facilitating and leading the development of services to be provided at the Hillsborough campus.

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