Applications for Pilot Project Grants

The UNC School of Medicine Tobacco Center for Regulatory Science and Lung Health P50 is funding pilot projects (up to $40,000 in direct costs) to start in September 2014.

The purpose of the pilot projects are to fund new initiatives related to our P50 and to allow new investigators to pursue tobacco regulation research related to the effects of new and emerging tobacco products (e.g., little cigars, hookah, e-cigs, etc.) on innate defense. Pilot projects should seek to characterize the health effects of new and emerging tobacco products in an effort to inform the FDA’s tobacco regulatory practices. Please note that by law, the FDA can only fund studies that directly pertain to tobacco regulatory science, and they cannot fund research that will not inform or advise a future tobacco policy.

Investigators should meet one of the following criteria:

Junior faculty at UNC-CH, not currently funded by NIH grants and in need of funds to help prepare for R01-type applications.

Established UNC-CH investigators not currently funded for work related to the Center’s focus but who wish to apply their areas of expertise to tobacco regulatory science

Funded investigators from the Center who wish to pursue a project that is different from their current focus, especially if the new project is in response to changes in the tobacco market

Important Dates

  • Friday, June 27, 2014. Deadline for submission of Letter of Intent emailed to Shawn Terryah ( by 5:00pm. The one-page letter of intent must include the following:

     1. Name and Academic position

     2. Title of the pilot project

     3. Future scientific plans regarding new and emerging tobacco products (i.e., “Research Outline”)

     4. Statement regarding the applicability of the proposed pilot project to the UNC Center for Tobacco Regulatory Science and Lung Health


  • Monday, July 14, 2014. Invitation to submit a full application


  1. Form Page 1: Face Page (Q2. Number, n/a; Q2. Title, UNC School of Medicine TCORS Pilot Project Program; Date of proposed period of supports, 09/01/2014 through 08/31/2015; Q11-Q13 do not need to be completed)
  2. Form Page 2: Summary, Relevance, Project/Performance Sites, Senior/Key Personnel, Other Significant Contributors, and Human Embryonic Stem Cells (Project Summary and Relevance sections should not exceed the box provided; Relevance refers to how the  pilot project will contribute to the overall theme of the UNC Center for Tobacco Regulatory Science and Lung Health/Innate defense)
  3. Continuation Format Page (Research strategy including background, specific aims, and any preliminary data; 3-5 pages not including references
  4. Form Page 4:  Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period (PI salary not allowed, salary may only be requested for project support personnel, e.g. research technician; funding for travel not allowed)=
  5. Biographical Sketch Format Page (provide one for each key personnel, see Biographical Sketch Sample)


  • Friday, August 22, 2014. Notice of awards.


  • Monday, September 1, 2014. Approved projects will begin funding period.

For more information about the Tobacco Center for Regulatory Science and Lung Health visit:

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