Second UNC School of Medicine StorySLAM: sign up/nominate storytellers and save the date

Call for storytellers for UNC School of Medicine StorySLAM on May 5.

We want to hear your story at the second UNC School of Medicine StorySLAM! A StorySLAM is a storytelling event, featuring true stories told live without notes. All students, faculty, administration, housestaff, etc., from the SOM community are invited to attend or to tell a story. Check out videos from last year's StorySLAM here.

Sign up to tell a story yourself, or nominate someone to tell a story by filling out the form. This year's theme will be "Idio-path: stories of personal journeys." Submissions will be accepted through April 11, and all storytellers will receive consultation to help shape their story. Email any questions to Perry Tsai at [].

The StorySLAM will take place on May 5, from 7 - 9 p.m., at Linda's Downbar (203 E. Franklin). Submissions will be accepted through April 11. Email Perry Tsai with any questions at (

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