OIS Security Bytes: Holiday Edition

UNC’s Office of Information Systems will be posting bite-size IT Security tips for our users. As IT security concerns become more a part of our everyday life, awareness is one of our best allies. For more information, contact your local IT Support or chat with us at help.med.unc.edu.

OIS Security Bytes: Holiday Edition click to enlarge McAfee 12 Scams

The Holidays are upon us. And that means shopping (yes, yes, and giving, and caring, and thankfulness…)! For this Security Byte, however, holiday shopping means Online Holiday Scams!

Thankfully, these are relatively easy to avoid by paying close attention when online. Remember: the easiest way for an adversary to gain access, is simply to ask you for it or to trick you into granting access by creating a lure so attractive and specific, you are almost guaranteed to fall for it.

McAfee has created a helpful infographic that lists out 12 common tactics to be aware of. We have attached it here for your convenience. For more information, you can read McAfee’s press release here.

For more general information regarding social information, we are including a link to SANS’ monthly newsletter. In it, please find common indicators as well as a few preventive measures to protect you and your family this holiday season.

Our family at OIS wishes you and your family a safe and happy holiday.