ConnectCarolina is here!

ConnectCarolina for Finance and HR/Payroll went live on Oct. 1. Here are some tips to help you with the transition to the new system.

October 1st and the go-live of ConnectCarolina for Finance and HR/Payroll is right around the corner. Here are some tips to help you with the transition to the new system.


Training classes have been in full swing for weeks, complemented by multiple webinars, live system demos and computer-based training courses. Many of these training resources will be available for your reference after go-live as you are still getting acclimated to the new system.  More SOM-specific training information is available here.

Legacy System Transition:

Many legacy systems have already been taken down while their functionality is being converted into ConnectCarolina.

A page has been developed that outlines the timing of legacy systems being taken offline; it will be updated throughout the cutover process.

ePro Outage:

An outage of the ePro Vendor Catalog will begin at 5 pm on Friday, Sept. 26. An enhanced ePro system will be available in ConnectCarolina beginning at 8 am on Wednesday, Oct. 1.

Please note that supply deliveries can be made during the outage.

Check with your business manager or finance director for more specific direction on how your unit/division is preparing for this outage.

If you do have an emergency need that is critical for operations during this four-day period, you should contact Bernard Law, Director of Procurement Services, at 919-962-3774 or Martha Pendergrass, Director of Procurement Services, at 919-843-5048 to ensure the purchase and delivery of critical supplies.

Post Go-Live Support:

The ITS Help Desk is ready to assist with access issues or other functional questions. A Business Systems Help Desk has been established to help deal specifically with ConnectCarolina. The staff has been trained on ConnectCarolina and prepared to help solve problems that arise following go-live. They are located in ITS-Manning in close proximity to the ConnectCarolina “Command Center” and the ConnectCarolina Business Analysts.

While it may be tempting to reach out to a colleague or friend in another department with Help questions, please contact 919-962-HELP or so that the Help Desk can keep track of trends and identify any wide-ranging problems that may need to be addressed.

A Final Note:

This is an incredibly exciting time for the University. Carolina deserves a modern, integrated administrative system like ConnectCarolina. There will be a bit of a learning curve for everyone – including the ITS support team – so be patient with your colleagues and yourself during this transition.

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