OIS Security Bytes: The Importance of Updates

UNC’s Office of Information Systems will be posting bite-size IT Security tips for our users. As IT security concerns become more a part of our everyday life, awareness is one of our best allies. This week’s Byte focuses on software updates. For more information, contact your local IT Support or chat with us at help.med.unc.edu.

OIS Security Bytes: The Importance of Updates click to enlarge The Answer is Yes
OIS Security Bytes: The Importance of Updates click to enlarge Always Update

Update. Update. Update again.

According to a recent research paper, there seems to be confusion for some users regarding the importance of doing software updates.

There should be no confusion: updates are vital to the security of the software your devices are running!

1-    Update you devices operating system software (PC, Mac, cell phone, tablet, router…).

2-    Update additional software you have downloaded and require (Adobe, Oracle/Java, Microsoft Office, Apps).

3-    Configure Automatic Updating where possible.

Please, take the time to understand the importance of updates: you are taking steps to ensure the security of your device and the privacy of any personal information you store or access via those devices. You are taking steps to protect yourself, your family, and your community with these simple steps.