Seeking nominations for the University Diversity Award

Nominations for the UNC Diversity Awards are still open, but the deadline to submit is coming on Monday, Feb. 9.

The University Diversity Award recognizes significant contributions to the enhancement, support and/or furtherance of diversity on the campus and in the community. Award categories are: faculty, staff, undergraduate student, graduate/professional student, department or unit, student organization, alumni, and community member or organization.

You can make a nomination here.

Diversity Awards Things to Know:

1. A nominator can submit multiple nominations across categories. However, each nomination should be its own submission. You cannot nominate two people within one submission.

2. A person cannot be nominated if they received the award within the last five years or serve on the committee. Otherwise, they are able to be nominated. Click here for past recipients or visit for the committee. Please note that the committee members change and past members may now be eligible.

3. You do not have to submit a nomination if someone else has nominated an individual or organization. One nomination carries as much weight as multiple nominations.

4. An individual or organization does not have to fit all four categories. Please speak succinctly and directly to the category as there are no options to upload documentation.

5. The nomination process takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

6. If a person has multiple roles, select their primary job responsibilities or role at the institution for the nominee’s category—unless their contributions to diversity is most represented in a different category. (e.g., a staff member who is a graduate student should most likely be considered within the staff category.)

If you have any questions, please contact .