From the Carolina Chronicle: Sound graduate work

Cochlear implants are a medical miracle, providing the gift of sound to deaf children and adults alike. However, outcomes with cochlear implants vary widely, ranging from increased lip reading to the ability to carry on normal conversations and even talk on the phone.

From the Carolina Chronicle: Sound graduate work click to enlarge Christopher Giardina

The reasons for these different responses are not entirely clear. But it might have something to do with cochlear trauma during the implantation surgery. Working with surgeons at UNC Hospitals, M.D./Ph.D. student Christopher Giardina has constructed custom surgical tools that are designed to detect cochlear trauma at the time of implantation.

“All the cochlear implant manufacturers are optimizing new implants to minimize trauma,” says Giardina, “but few groups are actually assessing trauma during surgery.”

Read the full article in the Winter 2015 edition of Carolina Chronicle.

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