UNC Secure Wireless Change Takes Effect May 7

On May 7th, 2015, changes will be made to UNC’s secure wireless network. The campus is migrating to a secure configuration known as “Eduroam”. Eduroam allows registered users to connect as a guest to the network of any other participating institution without needing to register your device at that institution.

UNC Secure Wireless Change Takes Effect May 7 click to enlarge Change to UNC-Secure and EduRoam.

If you currently connect using Eduroam as your secure wireless network, you will need to reinstall the certificate for your device (laptop, phone, other mobile device) by visiting https://enrollment.net.unc.edu. This link will walk you through the Eduroam installation/update.

 If you currently connect using UNC-Secure as your secure wireless network, your device will continue to work until October 16th, 2015. At that time, you will be required to switch to Eduroam as your secure wireless network.   UNC-Secure will no longer be an option for new configurations after May 7th, 2015.  For secure wireless connectivity, please configure your mobile devices to use Eduroam by visiting https://enrollment.net.unc.edu.

To see the original announcement, please visit the ITS Informational site at: http://help.unc.edu/help/critical-information-re-eduroam-and-unc-secure-wireless-networks/.