Seeking nominations for UNC Faculty Phyisicians Board

Read a message from Matt Mauro, MD, CEO of UNC Faculty Physicians, with information on the nomination process.

There are 6 elected at-large members for the UNCFP Board under the revised version of the Health Affairs Code:

 Larger Departments:

Tom Shea (Medicine), term expires 2015

Peggy McNaull (Anesthesiology), term expires 2016

Diane Warner (Pediatrics), term expires 2017

Smaller Departments:

Tim Daaleman (Family Medicine), term expires 2015

Eldad Hadar (Neurosurgery), term expires 2016

Moe Lim  (Orthopaedics), term expires 2017

The terms for Tom Shea and Tim Daaleman have expired.  We need to elect for 3-year terms one at-large member from a large department and one from a smaller department.   Please send nominations by Wednesday , November 18 , to Elizabeth Bowen (Elizabeth_Bowen@ indicating the faculty member’s name and home department.  Self-nominations are permitted.  

Currently, the larger departments are Pediatrics, Medicine, Anesthesiology, Surgery, Radiology, and Obstetrics & Gynecology.  

Here is the relevant text from the current Health Affairs Code:

The UNC Faculty Physicians Board shall consist of:

1) the Dean of the School of Medicine or his or her designee, as chair;

2) the Chairs of the Clinical Departments of the School of Medicine, the President of the University of North Carolina Hospitals and the President, UNC Faculty Physicians;

3) six at-large elected full-time members of UNC Faculty Physicians whose duties will be to represent and bring issues to the Board from the UNC Faculty Physicians membership at large.  These Board members will be elected by all members of UNC Faculty Physicians in the following manner: three members from the six Departments with the largest clinical revenue as determined annually in the same manner used to elect the Executive Committee and three members from the remaining Departments. Not more than one member of any department shall be elected to serve as an at-large member on the Board at any one time;

4) the Vice Dean for Finance and Administration of the School of Medicine, the Executive Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs/Chief Medical Officer of the School of Medicine, the Director of the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers Program, the Chief Operating Officer of UNC Faculty Physicians, and the Chair of the Department of Allied Health Sciences, as ex-officio and non-voting members.

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