Three UNC Medical Students Launch PATCH

After completing their Teach for America commitments Melissa Rolfsen, Kyle Roedersheimer and Kahra Manji-Nix attended medical school at UNC, where they found a way to combine their Teach for America ideals and their medical training. The friends launched PATCH, which stands for Propelling Adolescents Towards Careers in Health, in January. The program consists of eight consecutive Saturday classes exposing high school students from Title I Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) to the health care profession.

Three UNC Medical Students Launch PATCH click to enlarge (L-R) Kahra Manji-Nix, Kyle Roedersheimer and Melissa Rolfsen. Photo by Melissa Rolfsen/ Charlotte Observer

Melissa Rolfsen and Kyle Roedersheimer met when both were teaching science at Garinger High School in Charlotte with Teach For America.

Both Rolfsen, 27, and Roedersheimer, 28, knew their time as teachers was limited because they both had plans to go to medical school.

 “We had weekly conversations about how to best impact the Garinger community,” Rolfsen said, and “how to leave a legacy behind.”

Kahra Manji-Nix, 28, another Teach For America instructor at West Charlotte High School who also planned to attend medical school, joined their discussions. Manji-Nix shared their passion for ensuring that all children have access to quality education.

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