OIS Security Bytes: Securing Important Documents

UNC’s Office of Information Systems will be posting bite-size IT Security tips for our users. As IT security concerns become more a part of our everyday life, awareness is one of our best allies. This week’s Byte focuses on the importance of securing paperwork with sensitive information. For more information, contact your local IT Support or chat with us at help.med.unc.edu.

OIS Security Bytes: Securing Important Documents click to enlarge Step 1 Lock. Step 2 Remove Key.

Paperwork – Security, Old School.

During a recent risk assessment, it was discovered that some School of Medicine areas were less protected than would be ideal. A person wearing a lab coat and a fake ID badge:

  • walked into an office in one of our buildings unescorted and unnoticed,
  • took camera photos of patient information on paperwork sitting on employees desks, and
  • opened cabinets with locks that had their keys sitting in the locks.

With a little effort, we can do better.

  • Please, if you have paperwork that contains sensitive information, lock it up when you are done or are leaving. If you no longer need it, shred it in a secure shredding box.
  • If you have lockable cabinets, use the locks and remove the keys when you are away from the area.
  • Sensitive faxes should be handled securely and not left in public areas.
  • And if you are the last one to leave the office or area, lock up behind you.

Secure Physical Documents

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