MacNider and Old Clinic Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Transition Scheduled for Friday, September 4

New VoIP phones recently installed in MacNider and Old Clinic will be activated Friday, September 4. Please make sure your VoIP phone remains plugged in to the wall. There is the potential for a short service outage as early as the night prior to and the entire day of the transition.

Note: This transition was previously scheduled for Thursday, August 27 but has been rescheduled to Friday, September 4.

For more information about this transition, including what to expect on "port day", new dialing instructions, what to do with old phones and more visit


Porting of the current phone numbers from AT&T to Verizon will begin at approximately 8 a.m. on Friday, September 4, 2015. 

Plan that phone service could be impacted as early as the night prior to the port date and the entire day of porting.  The new VoIP phones must be plugged-in to a data port in order for them to work on 9/4/2015.  Please be sure that staff do not move or remove/unplug the new VoIP phones prior to 9/4/2015.

(We have noticed that on the night prior to a port, phone numbers that are scheduled to port cannot be called by another VoIP phone. This occurs due to changes that are being made to both the AT&T and Verizon databases. Once porting is completed, most of these issues are resolved.)

Throughout the day on 9/4/2015, the new Mitel/Aastra VoIP phones will begin working (ringing) when dialing their 10-digit phone numbers. As a reminder, the VoIP phones could receive calls from other campus VoIP phones on campus that have 5-digit dialed the phone number. This does not imply that the phone lines have ported early – only that the phones can be called with abbreviated, or 5-digit extension dialing. When the porting of phone numbers is completed on 9/4/2015, the new VoIP phones can receive calls from both 5-digit dialed and 10-digit dialed calls from any location on or off campus.

On 9/4/2015, both the old AT&T Centrex phones and the new VoIP phones could and likely will work. It sometimes takes AT&T up to 72 hours (not including weekends) to remove all of the ported numbers from their database.

ITS COMM TECH WILL NOT BE REMOVING THE OLD PHONES!  Each customer should remove their phone and place it in a recycle bin 1-2 business days after September 4th.  Phone recycle boxes are located on each floor by the small elevator that serves both MacNider and Old Clinic.

What this means to you:

  • Phones that are sitting on desks today will be replaced with a new Aastra/Mitel VoIP phone.
  • Phone numbers will not change. Phone numbers are porting from AT&T to Verizon on September 4, 2015. Ported phone numbers will begin working on the new phones on September 4, 2015.
  • The new VoIP phones will sit side-by-side with the existing phones until September 4, 2015 – make sure that staff are aware - DO NOT MOVE OR REMOVE/UNPLUG THE NEW VOIP PHONES PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 4, 2015. If phones are moved, they likely will not work once the phones are transitioned – it is imperative that they remain in place until September 4, 2015. After this date, VoIP phones can be moved to other locations where a data port is configured to support VoIP. 
  • Dialing patterns will change when using the VoIP phones, which will no longer require a “7” prefix when dialing out. Click here for new dialing instructions.
  • Fax lines and “Point of Sale” (POS) numbers (lines that perform credit card transactions) were identified where possible and are not porting. HOWEVER, if our database did not reflect a line as being used as a fax or POS line, then the number did port. We can replace POS lines after September 4, 2015 with a non-VoIP phone line. Fax lines will continue to work as VoIP lines (but with analog terminal adaptors) unless specifically requested to change those back to AT&T analog lines. 
  • Voicemail boxes will not change (greetings, passwords, and messages are retained), however, the voicemail access number will change from 919-962-6200 to 919-428-2828.
  • Auto attendants, or phone trees/menus, will not change. Some updates are required to these menus on port date – if you notice issues, they should be resolved by COB on September 4, 2015.
  • See for user guides and voicemail setup instructions (to be used only for those customers that will be receiving a new voicemail box.)

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