UNC SOM faculty recognized by Reuters as Highly Cited Researchers

The annual list of Highly Cited Researchers from Thomson Reuters recognizes the impact of leading researchers around the world across 21 fields in the sciences and social science. The 3,000 researchers highlighted in the 2015 list represent the top 1 percent cited authors in their respective research category. This includes 14 faculty members from UNC-Chapel Hill, 11 of whom are affiliated with the UNC School of Medicine.

2015 Highly Cited Researchers

John Buse, Clinical Medicine (Dept. of Medicine)

Jeffery Dangl, Plant & Animal Science (Dept. of Biology and Microbiology & Immunology)

Terry Kenakin, Pharmacology & Toxicology (Dept. of Pharmacology)

Joseph Kieber, Plant & Animal Science (Dept. of Biology)

Karen Mohlke, Molecular Biology & Genetics (Dept. of Genetics)

Hans Paerl, Environment/ Ecology (Dept. of Marine Science)

Diana Perkins, Psychiatry/Psychology (Dept. of Psychiatry)

Charles Perou, Clinical Medicine (Dept. of Genetics)

Barry Popkin, Social Sciences, General (Dept. of Nutrition)

Bryan Roth, Biology & Biochemistry (Dept. of Pharmacology)

Sidney Smith, Clinical Medicine (Dept. of Medicine)

Garret Stuber, Neuroscience & Behavior (Dept. of Psychiatry)

Patrick Sullivan, Psychiatry/Psychology (Dept. of Genetics)

Jenny Ting, Immunology (Dept. of Genetics)

More information on the list and methodology can be found here- http://hcr.stateofinnovation.thomsonreuters.com/