Call for nominations, applications: Vice Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

The Dean's Office of the UNC School of Medicine invites internal nominations and applications from SOM faculty who would like to be considered as a candidate for the position of Vice Dean for Diversity and Inclusion.

This position, reporting directly to the Executive Dean, UNC School of Medicine, provides coordination, oversight and leadership of the UNC SOM’s diversity and inclusion programs while leading school efforts to build a diverse faculty and inclusive environment that values and respects the contributions of all members of the community. Creating this leadership position is intended to enhance the efforts toward increased diversity and inclusion in our SOM community.  While chairs, deans, and other institutional leaders will continue to work diligently to build the diversity of our teams, help from this position will facilitate their ongoing work.

The role of the Vice Dean for Diversity and Inclusion will intersect with all areas of the institution, including admissions, human resources, faculty recruitment, professional development, academic leadership and institutional advancement, as well as the UNC Health Care Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion. To be most effective, the Vice Dean for Diversity and Inclusion must be flexible, innovative, and committed to adding value outside of her/his core areas of expertise and experience.

The position has the following responsibilities: 

  • Development and implementation of a Diversity Strategic Plan for the UNC SOM
  • Oversight of efforts to address broad and specific issues of faculty, staff and student diversity
  • Promote and advance diversity and inclusion for faculty, trainees (in graduate medical education programs and other graduate education and training programs within the SOM), students and SOM staff
  • Work closely with UNC SOM unit leaders to identify, develop and implement unit-specific metrics and provide the tools that will support leadership efforts to measure and improve diversity both at the departmental and institutional levels
  • Work with UNC SOM unit leaders to identify key committees that should have representation from women and those underrepresented in medicine, and serve as a resource to advise on diversity issues for other committees
  • Provide an annual institution-level report to the Executive Dean of UNC SOM in the first quarter of each fiscal year concerning initiatives and progress in achieving diversity in all SOM settings over the preceding fiscal year, including development and implementation of institution-wide metrics, and culture-change related to diversity

Other initiatives and responsibilities

  • Serve as a member of key leadership groups in the UNC SOM and/or present regularly to key leadership groups on diversity and inclusion
  • Identify and disseminate diversity and inclusion “best practices” within the SOM, hospitals and elsewhere
  • Routinely provide a presentation and set of instructions concerning diversity to search committees and admissions committees
  • Develop training curricula and programs in diversity and inclusion that are available to leaders and departments/divisions, and assume a leadership role in encouraging, offering and implementing these curricula and programs
  • Serve as a liaison with internal and external groups that advance the cause of diversity and inclusion, including the UNCHCS Executive Director for Diversity and Inclusion

The following competencies are expected:

  • Technical Mastery of Diversity Issues
  • Political Acumen
  • Ability to Cultivate a Common Vision
  • In-Depth Perspective on Organizational Change
  • Sophisticated Interactive Abilities
  • Understanding of the Culture of the SOM
  • Results-Orientation

The ideal candidate will be a professional in the broader field of diversity, with a demonstrated track record of successfully addressing diversity/inclusion goals at UNC. Graduate level preparation (MD, JD, PhD, or other degree) with four years of experience in developing and implementing diversity programs and leading diversity activities is preferred.

Consideration of candidates will begin immediately and will continue until the search has been successfully concluded.  Letters nominating qualified candidates or cover letters from interested individuals, along with a current CV and brief statement of relevant experience are requested and may be sent electronically to:

The Dean’s Office

c/o Leeanne Walker,

The deadline for consideration is 5:00 p.m., Oct. 7, 2016. 

The University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.