Five-year Review of Nigel Mackman, PhD, Director, McAllister Heart Institute

An ad hoc committee has been appointed to undertake a routine review of the leadership provided by Nigel Mackman PhD, Director of the McAllister Heart Institute, and a review of the McAllister Heart Institute. The review is a standard procedure of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The committee invites your written or verbal comments, suggestions and relevant information. The review will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016.

If you wish to write, please send your correspondence to review committee chair Carol Otey, PhD, at the following address prior to Sept. 19, 2016.  Please note that North Carolina law requires that any written materials developed or received by the committee during the review may be made available to the person being reviewed upon request.


Carol Otey, PhD

Chair, Mackman/McAllister Heart Institute Review Committee

4030 Bondurant Hall

Campus Box #7000

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7000

Attn:  Becky Medford, Review Coordinator


You may also direct your comments to any of the committee members, whose names are listed below.  Although there will be a limited number of opportunities to address the review committee on Sept. 27,  individuals who wish to do so should contact Becky Medford at 919-966-9282 or by Sept. 19.

Members of the Review Committee

Carol Otey, PhD, Review Committee Chair, Professor, Cell Biology and Physiology

Caterina Gallippi, PhD, Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor, Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering

Ray Pickles, PhD, Associate Professor, Microbiology and Immunology

Anthony Viera, MD, MPH, Professor and Director, Department of Family Medicine