A new podcast series from the Chair’s Corner debuts this week

The Department of Medicine has released a new 12-week series as part of its Chair’s Corner podcast – “Autoimmune Disease: Pieces of the Picture.” This series is designed to provide educational and helpful information on autoimmune disease for patients, and spotlights UNC physician expertise.

The series starts off with an interview with Meghan Free, PhD, who is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Nephrology at UNC. She explains the basic science behind an autoimmune disease process. Dr. Free specializes in autoimmune disease and the basic science that underpins the causes and how people react to themselves. Her studies focus on the key players – T cells and B cells, and the role they play in various disorders. She is joined by other UNC experts in this series; listeners can expect episodes on inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and more. 

Check out these topics in Episode One.

·         Common threads in autoimmune disease

·         T cells, B cells, and self-antigens

·         Tolerance, and how T cells & B cells learn their functions

·         The difference between an autoimmune disease and an allergy

·         What is a prodrome?

Visit the Department of Medicine web site to listen and read the transcripts.

Coming up next week: Getting Diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Patrick Nachman.


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