Analyzing AAMC Faculty Forward Survey: Part I

Throughout the month of February, the Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development hosted a series of town halls to share results from the 2016 AAMC Faculty Engagement Survey. Over the next three weeks, Vital Signs will feature a series of articles presenting institutional-level findings for those unable to participate in the town halls.

What is Faculty Forward?

Faculty Forward is a collaborative partnership between the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and US medical schools with a mission to measure and improve the workplace experience for faculty at academic medical centers.

Survey Administration

The UNC School of Medicine (UNC SOM) administered the survey in July 2016. UNC’s results are compared to all other participating institutions, a small cohort of peer institutions, and internal benchmarks, as well as results from the 2011 administration of the survey. Department level data have been shared with department chairs. The Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development would like to also thank all faculty for the time and careful consideration put into responding to the survey.

Response Rates

Survey RespondentsResponse Rate
All Faculty114564.6%
Full-Time 1073 66.6%
Part-Time 72 44.2%
Basic Science 166 62.9%
Clinical 979 64.9%
Male 574 63.9%
Female 571 65.3%
Majority (i.e. White or Asian) 1049 65%
Minority (i.e. all other) 96 60.8%

Summary Results At-a-Glance

Summary scores representing conceptually related items with compatible scales are presented by year (2011 and 2016). The summary scores represent the top two response options (e.g., strongly agree or agree) across all faculty members at the UNC SOM.

  • Between 2011 and 2016, every summary score saw improvement, with the exception of faculty recruitment and retention and medical school governance.
  • Notably, when compared to other participating institutions, UNC scores higher on every item but two (promotion equality and medical school governance).

AAMC Survey

 The summary scores represent the top two response options (e.g., very satisfied/satisfied) across all faculty members at the UNC SOM.


  • 72% of faculty reported that they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with UNC SOM as a place to work.
  • 83% of faculty reported that if they had it to do over again, they would choose to work at the UNC SOM.

Stay Tuned!

While these results are generally encouraging, there are some areas with room for improvement. Over the next three weeks, we will dig deeper into the data and share our findings with you. Stay tuned!

As always, faculty input is welcome; direct comments or inquiries to Lauren Westervelt, Assistant Director for Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development (

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