UNC to Host North Carolina Research Triangle Hackathon

The UNC Curriculum in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, headed by Tim Elston and Chuck Perou, and NCBI will host a Data Science hackathon from March 12-14, 2018 on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

Projects addressed during the hackathon will involve general bioinformatics and genomic analyses in addition to text, image and sequence processing. This event is for researchers, including students and postdocs, who have already engaged in the use of large datasets or in the development of pipelines for analyses from high-throughput experiments. Some projects may involve other non-scientific developers, mathematicians, or librarians.

The hackathon will consist of five to eight teams of approximately six individuals. These teams will build pipelines and tools to analyze large datasets within a cloud infrastructure. Potential subjects for this iteration include:

  • A pipeline to repair badly assembled genomic regions with additional data

  • Causal associations from metabolite data.

  • High throughput automated drug discovery: A pipeline to build, test, and analyze the biochemical properties of small chemical ligands.

  • An online database and visualization tool for 3D chromatin structure

  • An neural network approach for filament classification

  • Capsule Networks for improving protein secondary structure prediction accuracy.

  • Graphical User Interface for Gene Expression calculated on the fly from raw data

Please contact ben.busby@nih.gov with any questions.
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