Proposed Revisions to SOM Constitution and Bylaws

Read a memo from Dr. Roper detailing proposed revisions to the SOM Constitution and Bylaws.

TO:         UNC School of Medicine Faculty

FROM:     Bill Roper, MD, MPH and Wesley Burks, MD

DATE      June 7,  2018

RE:           School of Medicine Constitution and Bylaw Changes

Dear Colleagues:

The School of Medicine Constitution and Bylaws have undergone formal review in preparation for our upcoming LCME site visit in March 2020.  We are writing to you today to provide information about the proposed revisions to those constitution and bylaws (see draft constitution and bylaws online) and to encourage you to vote when ballots are distributed via email next month. The proposed revisions to the School of Medicine Constitution and Bylaws is congruent with current LCME standards.

The following changes to the constitution are being proposed:

1.       Article II: update with duties, authority, and responsibilities per job description to be used in Dean’s search.

2.       Article II 2: Change the requirement that a Chair hold a tenured faculty appointment: “. Appointment as a Chair of a Department is dependent on the maintenance of a faculty appointment in that Department.”

The following changes to the bylaws are being proposed:

1.       Article II4.: Codify term of appointment (initial term of three years; may serve an additional three-year term). All of the Standing Committees of the School of Medicine specifically noted above shall have members elected by the Faculty and members appointed by the Dean.  Currently the Post tenure Review Committee does not have elected members.

2.       Article III:

a.       Nominating committee-clarify that the Vice-Dean for Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development serves as the committee chair. Add the Vice Dean for Diversity and Inclusion as a voting member.

b.      Admissions Committee-voting membership changed to 16 members (12 appointed; 4 elected) from 21 members. The Vice Dean for Diversity and Inclusion or his/her designee, the Director of the Office of Special Programs, the Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs, and the Chair of the Scholarship Committee added as ex-officio non-voting members. The Assistant Dean for Admissions position no longer exists so this would be deleted.

c.       Education Committee-delete Director of the NC AHEC as a voting member. The Curriculum Director and Assistant Dean for Medical Education operations positions no longer exist so these would be deleted as ex-officio members; the Senior Director for Curriculum Quality Assurance would be added as an ex-officio non-voting member.

d.      Student Progress Committee-committee chair is to be a regular voting member; add Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence as ex-officio non-voting members.

e.       Post-Tenure Review Committee-add two elected faculty members (Full Professors with tenure) who have successfully undergone post-tenure review in the last 2 years.

f.        The title of the Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs is replaced with the title of The Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development on the three APT committees and the Post tenure review committee.

3.       Article V: Change the departmental meeting requirement to annual from quarterly.

The proposed bylaws changes will come to a vote next month, and two-thirds of the votes must be affirmative to enact these changes to our bylaws.  If approved, the changes would begin to be operationalized next academic year.  Please contact Dr. Cam Enarson ( with questions.

We appreciate your consideration and strongly encourage you to vote on this important matter when the electronic ballot is distributed next month.

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