Fleming honored by American Heart Association and The Children’s Heart Foundation

Nicole Fleming, a PhD candidate in the Liu Lab, has been honored with a Congenital Heart Defect Research Award from the American Heart Association and Children’s Heart Foundation.

Fleming honored by American Heart Association and The Children’s Heart Foundation click to enlarge Nicole Fleming

The Children’s Heart Foundation and the American Heart Association have announced the fourth round of their co-funded Congenital Heart Defect Research Awards. More than $800,000 has been awarded to seven researchers across the country, including Nicole Fleming, a PhD candidate in the Pathobiology and Translational Science Program and Jiandong Liu Lab.

Fleming’s research uses Zebrafish, which are fast growing and easy to manipulate, and whose heart cells are easy to see, in an effort to understand defective ventricular growth in embryos and better understand pharmacological treatments that may improve heart function.

At least 40,000 infants are estimated to be affected by congenital heart defects each year in the United States. About 25 percent of babies born in the U.S. with a CHD require invasive treatment in their first year of life. Research that helps understand, identify and treat CHDs is helping these children live longer healthier lives. Today, it is estimated that more than 800,000 American adults are living with a CHD.

“We are honored and excited to continue our research funding partnership with the American Heart Association," said Tammy Thomas, President of The Children’s Heart Foundation. "Through this collaboration and our ongoing commitment to research focused on congenital heart defects, we strive to make a lasting impact in the lives of those with congenital heart defects. This $826,600 of new research will help bring innovative solutions to survival rates and care.”

More information on the awards and the other award winners can be found here: www.professional.heart.org/CHDResearchAwards

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