3rd Round of SOM Bridge Funding

The last round of Bridge Funding applications for this academic year are due Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

The School of Medicine is opening the 3rd round of applications for Bridge Funding for this fiscal year.  Bridge Funding provides continued support for successful research projects that suffer a lapse in funding.  Investigators eligible for funding in this round should have had a competing renewal application for an R01 or equivalent grant reviewed in the most reent review cycle (Feb/Mar 2018).  The deadline for applications to Jennifer Brennan (jenbren@med.unc.edu) is Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

Eligibility criteria: 

  1. Support is requested for the renewal of a funded R01 (or equivalent). 
  2. The application has been reviewed and received a written critique.  If the grant’s NIH number identifies the grant as a ‘new’ grant, it could still be eligible for bridge funding if:
    1. The reviewed application is directly linked to an ongoing project that the PI has elected not to submit through the competitive renewal mechanism.
    2. Support is requested to bridge from an A1 to a ”new” proposal per the new NIH guidelines.  In this case, the latest submission needs to be scored in order to be eligible for bridge funding.

Bridge funding is not meant to serve as “pilot” funds for new projects.  In both cases, the cover letter should explicitly indicate the relationship between the “new” grant and the previously funded R01 (or equivalent).    

  1. The PI has no more than 2 active R01s or the equivalent level of funding.
  2. The PI does not have additional sources of lab support, e.g. trust fund, retention package, royalties.
  3. The department agrees to match the funding from the Dean’s Office.
  1. The grant under consideration must be administered in an SOM unit.

Application materials:

1.   Cover Letter

2.   Letter of support from Department Chair

Include a letter from your chair or center director that pledges a dollar-for-dollar matching commitment.  Generally this support is provided in the form of salary support for the applicant

3.   Specific Aims and Research Strategy

From the original submission

4.   Publications

Include a list of publications from the past grant period (past 4-5 years) and indicate any related manuscripts in process or under review.

5.  Summary Statement/Critiques

If this is the second revised application please provide the A0 as well as the A1 score and critiques.    Response to critiques

6.   Response to Critiques

Include a formal response for the application for which the funding is requested.  Even though “new” NIH grants following an unsuccessful A1 submission do not require a rebuttal letter, you must provide a response to the reviews of the previous application     

7.   NIH Biosketch

Include current funding (with direct dollars for each source) and pending applications.

8.   Budget for Bridge Funding

The maximum amount of the award from the Dean’s Office is $50,000.  The budget should not exceed this amount.  Please include and clearly indicate what the department match funding and the Dean’s office funding will support.

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