Nominations for At-Large Members to the Medical Staff Executive Committee

Read a memo from Dr. Tom Ivester regarding upcoming Medical Staff Executive Committee Elections.

TO: Members of the UNC Hospitals Medical Staff              

FROM: Thomas S. Ivester, M.D, Vice President Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer, UNC Hospital

DATE: April 16, 2019
SUBJECT: Nominations for At-Large Members to the Medical Staff Executive Committee

The Medical Staff Executive Committee includes six at-large members elected by the full Medical Staff.  Three of the six positions are up for election this year.  Each at-large member will serve a two-year term.   The election will utilize online balloting and will take place in April.  Members who’s terms are expiring include Drs. Trevor Hackman, Moe Lim, and Gretchen Stuart.  The at-large members with one year remaining in their term are Drs. Lindsay Chase, Mike Harringan, and Karyn Stitzenberg. 

This is an opportunity to represent your colleagues and directly participate in decisions that impact our clinical work.  I hope you will consider serving on this committee.  Self-nominations are welcome.  

If you are interested in serving on the MSEC, please notify Michelle Howlett ( by April 26, 2019.
Below is a summary of MSEC logistics and activities.  If you have additional questions, please contact me ( or 984-974-1728)


The Medical Staff Executive Committee (MSEC) consists of the officers of the Medical Staff, the Department Chairs, the Chief Nursing Officer, the Deans of the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, the President of the House Staff Council, the President of UNC Faculty Physicians, and the President of UNC Hospitals. The Chief Medical Officer is a member and Chair of the Committee.

The Medical Staff Executive Committee meets at 4:00pm on the second Monday of each month.   The MSEC acts on behalf of the Medical Staff on issues related to all aspects of medical practice. It receives reports on hospital operations, GME, and Nursing. The MSEC also receives and acts on reports and recommendations from Medical Staff committees and Hospitals departments.

The Medical Staff Executive Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors for its approval concerning:

(a) The Rules and Regulations of the Medical Staff;
(b) The mechanisms used to review credentials and to delineate individual clinical privileges;
(c) Recommendations of individuals for Medical Staff membership;
(d) Recommendations for delineated clinical privileges for eligible individuals;
(e) Participation of the Medical Staff in performance improvement activities;

Minutes of prior MSEC meetings are available for your review through the office of the Chief Medical Officer.

A full version of the Medical Staff policies is available at:



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