Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery contributes to first international consensus statement on endoscopic skull‐base surgery

Three Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery faculty served as experts for a new evidenced-based consensus statement on skull base surgery. Adam Zanation, MD, FACS, is a primary author and Charles Ebert Jr., MD, MPH, and Brian Thorp, MD, are co-authors on the work.

Endoscopic skull base surgery and its complimentary literature have become increasingly popular. Because of the surgery’s complexity, rarity and evolving technologies the International Consensus Statement on Endoscopic Skull‐Base Surgery was formulated to help address current knowledge gaps. “Minimally invasive skull base surgery has been so rapidly evolving over the last ten years that evidence-based guidelines have not kept up with the changing landscape,” Dr. Zanation says. “This consensus statement finally places the totality of knowledge into a work that academically and scientifically validates this novel field.” “We are fortunate at UNC to have a great multi-disciplinary skull base surgery and tumor program and as such it is such an honor to be recognized to help lead this contribution to the field.” 

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