Meet the Students and Mentors of the Clinician Leadership in Quality and Safety Scholarly Concentration

The Clinician Leadership in Quality and Safety Scholarly Concentration builds quality improvement and leadership skills of future clinicians. These skills are developed around the science of improving access, cost, effectiveness, equity and safety in patient care.

Meet the Students and Mentors of the

Clinician Leadership in Quality and Safety Scholarly Concentration

The Clinician Leadership in Quality and Safety Scholarly Concentration builds quality improvement and leadership skills of future clinicians. These skills are developed around the science of improving access, cost, effectiveness, equity and safety in patient care. Learning is longitudinal, mentored and experiential. By the end of this one-year program, students possess the knowledge and skills to implement a quality improvement project. The program is directed by Dr. Casey Olm-Shipman, Assistant Professor, Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery. To learn more, email Karen Davis, Program Coordinator (

Meet this year’s students and mentors:


Student Bios


Gill Adynski, RN, BSN




Gillian Adynski is a third-year PhD student in the School of Nursing studying Health Care Systems. Clinically she is an Emergency Nurse at UNC Hospitals. She is interested in quality improvement work because she wants to see positive changes in the work environment of hospitals to create better outcomes for healthcare workers and patients. She is working with Dr. Eric Wolak, the Nursing Director for Medicine and Inpatient Oncology at UNC Hospitals, on a project examining nurse resiliency in regards to retention and workforce motivation.

Eric Wolak, MSN, MHA, RN, NEA-BC


Aidan Berry, BS





Aidan Berry is a fourth-year medical student from Boone, NC. Aidan was first introduced to quality improvement work during her third year of medical school when she completed a project focused on pediatric asthma during her family medicine clerkship. This year, Aidan will be working with Dr. Katie Westreich from the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension to improve care of pediatric patients with chronic kidney disease at UNC. Specifically, she plans to develop a standardized protocol for measuring blood pressures at the UNC Pediatric Nephrology Clinic and create a dashboard for providers to track BP control and other outcomes across the pediatric CKD patient population.

Katie Westreich, MD



Robert Corty, PhD


Robert Corty is an MD/PhD student in his fourth year of medical school. His project targets workload balancing across hospitalist services with Dr. Carlton Moore, Associate Chief for Research and Quality Improvement in the Division of Hospital Medicine. They are assessing the way workload is quantified and how newly-admitted patients are assigned to hospitalist service lines, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care and decreasing physician burnout. Robert is passionate about improving healthcare quality and hopes to continue working in this area as he pursues residency in internal medicine.

Carlton Moore, MD, MS


Molly Crenshaw, MPH





Molly Crenshaw is a fourth-year medical student at UNC School of Medicine. Before medical school, Molly conducted genetics research at the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC, and earned her Master of Public Health (MPH) from George Washington University. For Molly, QI is the perfect balance of scholarship and timeliness. She is working with Dr. Rasheeda Monroe, Associate Director of WakeMed Physician Practices – Pediatrics, to implement screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in the WakeMed Pediatric Clinic. The more ACEs a child has, the more risk they have for long-term diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, suicide attempts and more. By identifying children with increased risk, they can work to mitigate the negative health effects of trauma. The aim of this QI project is to implement ACEs screening in the clinic by April 2020.

Rasheeda Monroe, MD


Josh Ellis, BS





Josh Ellis is a fourth-year medical student planning on pursuing interventional radiology. He first became interested in quality improvement during a rotation at a community health center in which he worked on providing better access to postpartum care patients. He is now working with IHQI Associate Director, Dr. Amy Shaheen, from the Division of General Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology on a project facilitating the ordering of stress tests across the UNC system. 

Amy Shaheen, MD, MSc



Becky Hoover, RN, BSN, MMB




Rebecca (Becky) Hoover is a North Carolina native who graduated with Honors from UNC with a B.S. in Nursing. She is continuing her education at UNC as a part of the Hillman Scholars Program in Nursing Innovation BSN-to-PhD program with a focus on oncology. Becky is working with Dr. Christine Hedges, Director of Nursing Quality and Research (NQR), and Kathy Wood, Quality and Organizational Excellence Leader from NQR, on a house-wide project at UNC Medical Center to increase patients’ quality rest while hospitalized. Aims include increasing Vocera use, producing educational tools, minimizing alarm levels, increasing competency in providing quiet care, labeling lights in patient rooms and creating a SharePoint site and toolkit. Becky will work with Patient Relations and Experience to create the SharePoint site and tookit.

Christine Hedges, PhD, RN



 Kathy Wood, MPH



Clark Howell, MSHS



Clark Howell was born in the Philippines and raised in Charlotte, NC. During his graduate health systems engineering program at Georgia Tech, he worked as a research assistant for the Patient Safety and Process Improvement Department at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. He has taught lean courses, completed QI projects, and published research in patient safety using mathematical models and computer simulation. He is working under IHQI Improvement Scholar, Dr. Nicole Chaumont from the Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery, on a project to reduce preventable hospital readmissions after lower GI surgery.


Nicole Chaumont, MD





Erin Isenberg, BSPH




Erin Isenberg grew up near Charlotte and completed her Health Policy and Management undergraduate degree at UNC Chapel Hill’s Gillings School of Global Public Health. She is interested in reducing health disparities and improving health outcomes through policy change, new models of care and quality improvement. She is working with Dr. Charul Haugan, Medical Director of Quality and Performance Improvement at UNC REX Healthcare, to reduce care variation and improve timely identification and treatment of sepsis across UNC’s eleven hospitals, primarily through the use of standardized tools in Epic. She is applying to general surgery residency this fall and looking forward to integrating QI work into her future career.


Charul Haugan, MD



Mengyun Lu, BSE







Mengyun Lu is a fourth-year medical student. She studied biomedical engineering and electrical & computer engineering at Duke University before beginning medical school at UNC. After learning about quality improvement during her family medicine rotation, Mengyun became interested in increasing healthcare efficiency. Mengyun is working with Dr. Christine Gladman, Medical Director of UNC Internal Medicine Clinic, to analyze Medicare claims data for beneficiaries of the UNC Senior Alliance at the UNC Internal Medicine Clinic in order to determine drivers of preventable hospitalizations and ED visits that can be targeted to improve the value of care and reduce costs for ACO beneficiaries. She is applying for residency in internal medicine and hopes to use the skills for quality improvement during her residency and future career.

Christine Gladman, MD, MPH


Cindy Pi, BS




Cinthia (Cindy) Pi was born in China, and grew up in China, Japan and the Durham-Chapel Hill area. From helping to improve organization in her father’s office as a young child, to helping her family medicine preceptor meet cervical cancer screening goals as a third-year medical student, Cindy has always enjoyed exploring new ways to improve things. She is working with the Neurosciences ICU team to reduce rates of unnecessary routine diagnostic tests like chest x-rays and daily labs at the NSICU in hopes of reducing both the harms associated with unnecessary routine tests and costs for the patient and healthcare system. Cindy’s mentor, Dr. Casey Olm-Shipman, is the Director of the Clinician Leadership in Quality and Safety course. 

Casey Olm-Shipman, MD, MS


Krishan Sivaraj, BS




Krishan Sivaraj is a fourth-year medical student who grew up in Cary, NC and completed undergrad at Duke before switching over to Carolina blue. He became interested in QI during his outpatient medicine rotation when he began to understand the impact that quality improvement has on population health. Krishan is working with Dr. Ashley Rietz and Dr. Vinay Reddy, faculty in the Department of Family Medicine, to improve blood pressure reading accuracy at the point of care and expand the usefulness of home blood pressure monitoring to allow for rapid titration of medication in patients with uncontrolled hypertension during telephone or eVisits.


Ashley Rietz, MD




Vinay Reddy, MD, MPH




Sarah Slightom, BS, BA




Sarah Slightom is a fourth-year medical student originally from Statesville, North Carolina. As an undergraduate at NCSU, Sarah worked as a float nurse aide at a large hospital in Raleigh. This experience was formative in many ways and was the foundation for her interest in quality improvement. Working in units throughout the hospital was an opportunity to appreciate the vast variations in workflow and culture which often influenced patient care. She is working with a team led by Dr. Harendra Arora in the Department of Anesthesiology to standardize timing of antibiotic administration prior to colorectal surgeries in an effort to decrease postoperative surgical site infection rates. After completing her MPH at UNC Gillings School of Public Health, Sarah will apply for residency in anesthesiology.

Harendra Arora, MD, FASA, MBA



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