Three SOM Students Named Impact Award, Horizon Award Recipients for 2020

UNC-Chapel Hill graduate students, recent graduate alumni within numerous programs earned honors for research benefiting North Carolina.

December 10, 2019

Seventeen UNC-Chapel Hill graduate students and recent graduate alumni have been selected to receive the UNC Graduate School’s 2020 Impact Awards and Horizon Awards. These honors, presented at the Graduate Student Recognition Celebration each spring, recognize research benefiting North Carolina. Four recipients were from the UNC School of Medicine.

Yael-Natalie Escobar, doctoral student in toxicology and environmental medicine, earned an Impact Award. Jody Feld, allied health doctoral student in human movement science, and Hanna Trzeciakiewicz, a doctoral student in biochemistry and biophysics, earned Horizon Awards.

Impact Awards, made possible through the generous support of the Graduate Education Advancement Board, recognize discoveries of direct benefit to the state. Horizon Awards recognize research likely to make a significant longer-term contribution to North Carolina.

“The 17 awardees represent an impressive 14 master’s and doctoral programs, and this demonstrates the depth and breadth of UNC-Chapel Hill research that is benefiting North Carolina,” said Jennifer Gerz-Escandón, associate dean for interdisciplinary education and fellowship programs within the Graduate School. “The majority of our award recipients for 2020 are specializing in research toward improved health and environmental outcomes. Throughout the years, these awards have recognized the importance of graduate student research in helping North Carolina’s people and communities.”

More information on all winners is available here.