New promotion resources available online

The primary mission of the Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development is to support the development of our faculty members and to provide resources to assure their academic success. In accordance with this mission, the Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development is deeply committed to helping navigate the ins and outs of what it means to be a member of the faculty, including how to prepare for promotion.

In recent months, the Office has partnered with the School of Medicine Human Resources Office to develop new tools to help faculty navigate the promotion process. These tools are now available on the Office’s website, and include one-page “cheat sheets” and brief videos.

“Cheat sheets” are available by track and area of excellence. Each “cheat sheet” outlines the key components of a promotion dossier, the promotion timeline (by rank), and specific criteria for promotion.

Videos are also available for those who prefer a more dynamic overview of the promotion process. This collection of videos provides a more detailed look at the components of a promotion dossier and promotion timelines (by track), as well as promotion criteria by area of excellence (by track).

The UNC School of Medicine Guidelines for Appointment, Reappointment, and Promotion of Faculty are available online. While all faculty members are responsible for their own career success, it is expected that their Chair, Division Chief, and/or another specifically designated senior faculty member will mentor them towards promotion (more on mentorship, soon!).

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