Men's Health Champion: Phil Ford

Former Gold Medal Olympian and UNC Basketball Great, Phil Ford talks about Men's Health and how his personal experience with health problems shaped his current outlook.

Men's Health Champion: Phil Ford click to enlarge Phil Ford, Gold Medal Olympian, 2nd UNC All-Time Leading Scorer, Prostate Cancer Survivor

Former Gold Medal Olympian and UNC Basketball Great, Phil Ford joined the Men's Health Program to talk about his own experience dealing with a health crisis and why in general, men need to take more ownership of their health.

In his interview with the UNC Men's Health Program, Phil Ford said, "I think it's important you know for men to take their health issues seriously and for them to have regular check-ups. Because there is so much that could be cured if it was caught in time. And you know, as men unless it hurts we don't go to the doctor. Unfortunately, there are so many things, that by the time the symptom occurs, it's too late."

According to numerous studies, the average man prioritizes too many things over his health, is likely to drink alcohol and use tobacco, make riskier choices, and go for extended periods without seeing a physician. Compounding these issues, many of the major health risks that these men face can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle and getting regular physician screening.

The UNC Men’s Health Program aims to study and treat numerous health issues that impact men. The differences in health behaviors, preventative screening and medical treatment between men and women have contributed to a widespread, silent health crisis among men. This comprehensive program brings together teams of physicians, scientists, public health leaders and specialists who are dedicated to addressing the health and well-being of men through coordinated clinical care, scientific research, and community outreach.

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