Neuropsychology Inpatient Consult Service

UNC Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is now offering a dedicated neuropsychology inpatient consult service.

Neuropsychology Inpatient Consult Service click to enlarge UNC Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

UNC’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation now has a dedicated Neuropsychology Inpatient Consult service. UNC neuropsychologists can evaluate patients’ current neurocognitive functioning within the context of their medical status to aid in (1) diagnostic clarification, (2) treatment planning, and (3) determining supervision/support needs and eligibility for services.

Please view our attached flyer to learn more about this service. You can request the service through Epic order (IP consult to Neuropsychology), and we are reachable by the Neuropsychology consult pager (347-1202) to discuss cases. Adult neuropsychologists are available from 9am to 5pm on most weekdays.  Pediatric Neuropsychology consults are also available on a limited basis. 

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